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People Magazine’s article about Susie and her AlaskaMen was so popular that it was chosen the Best of People Magazine in their 20-Year Special Issue. Life Magazine chose Susie and AlaskaMen as the Winner of Romance. Chosen by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Elle, Woman Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine-Winner. Susie says: “It’s not me, it’s our hunky men that are the winners!”

Susie and her Alaskamen in People magazine

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Why AlaskaMen

Susie's AlaskaMen

Our “Take Out” Groups of AlaskaMen are made up of passionate and sincere individuals who want to find love and marriage. With life long of experience in MatchMaking, Susie has the knowledge and expertise to bring single men of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles for your gathering. Whether you need one man or a bus load for your party, event, or TV Show, Susie is the one to contact. Please email for appointment:

Susie's Mission

By helping women find the find their man, Susie selects single men who are Lookin’ for Love. Here is a group featured on Oprah Winfrey Show. Alaska is remote and the opportunity of finding their soul mate in the Last Frontier is difficult. Sometimes they are single Dads and with their time filled with work and caring for their children, the options of finding the right woman are difficult. When they find that missing woman they are happy men. And yes, they sometimes move out of Alaska to be with the woman they find! Each couple decides which is best for them.

About Takeshi Kiyota
Name:Takeshi Kiyota
Height : 5’10” tall
29 years old, born in 1994, He attended junior high school, high school, and college at a school called Doshisha University in Kyoto and graduated. remarried and separated with a 1 year old daughter, ex-wife has custody (child support is not an issue), no religion, 6 million a year (expected to increase after changing jobs in the spring), works as an engineer for a Japanese company with a full remote work schedule. He is able to speak everyday English and can continue to relearn. Hobbies include traveling, muscle training at home, reading, love watching western movies and music, cooking for myself and eating out at cafes I prefer sweets to alcohol.
Her strong point is that she works hard to improve her work skills. I am romantic, cheerful, love dialogue, have a good balance between logic and emotion, can discuss things thoroughly, and like cleanliness. Cons are that he tends to talk crap when he is passionate about a story. He seems to like talking more than listening. He is good at spoiling women, so he is not the type of tough guy who says, “Follow me! He is not the type of tough guy who says, “Follow me!
He likes children. He said he would like to have another if they wanted to and it was possible. His divorced ex-wife is the same age as him; she met him when she was 23 while looking for a job and he approached her. They have known each other for a long time since they were young and are like soul mates, but their remote work in the Corona disaster and unfamiliar parenting caused their differences.
虎ノ門国際結婚相談所ポシビリテ – 虎ノ門国際結婚相談所ポシビリテは国際結婚に強いです。
His moderate wife suffered postpartum depression. They began living separately and ended up divorcing as a result of the distance that worked better. It was a choice for both of them to be free in the future or now they see their children only on weekends. He said he looks forward to seeing his children and would like to be married again and have a great partnership.

About AlaskaMen~Japan MatchMaker Akiko Yamasaki

Tours, Cruises, & Dating Events: Japan & Alaska

With advanced search filters, and free email, AlaskaMen has everything you need to find your soulmate. Our platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making your online dating experience enjoyable.

AlaskaMen Business

Susie Carter is the Founder and Editor/Publisher of AlaskaMen Magazine which began in 1987 which she created on her kitchen table. Susie has been featured on Oprah five times, Entertainment Tonight, Kathy Lee and Regis, Good Morning America, USA Today, LA Times, NY Times, People, Life, the front page of The Wall St. Journal and many other television shows and publications around the world. Susie and her AlaskaMen have been featured on TV shows in England, Germany, Holland, Germany, Brazil, Japan, South America, Canada, Russia and numerous other countries around the world. Susie worked with Cathy Konrad Producer, as the Executive Consultant for the series Men in Trees with Anne Heche. She is the Matchmaker on the Discovery Channel TV Show, The Alaska Bush People, She was brought in to interview and advise the 5 sons on finding a wife.

Susie is considered the matchmaker who ushered in the concept of helping singles find each other through publishing and TV and was selected Publisher of the Year for Romance by Life Magazine. Susie is considered the expert on single men in Alaska and advises men and women around the world about love, life and marriage. Susie has interviewed men in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and the all over the USA and they all say that they are also AlaskaMen. The name AlaskaMen and AlaskaMan have become a brand or type of man seen as down to earth, sincere, likeable and determined-Tough but Sensitive. The name AlaskaMan and AlaskaMen is on the Permanent Registry of the USA Trademark Registry. Susie has written a book on how she created AlaskaMen in an era without computers and became a famous overnight success. She is currently working on her life story, and always searching for single men for the women everywhere. Susie will come to your event and bring AlaskaMen to you for TV Shows, fund raisers and women’s shows.

Susie's Advice

Start each day looking in the mirror and finding one good thing you like about yourself and writing it down on a list. Keep the list where you can find it. Each day has to be something new, not comments like Ditto, or whatever.

End each day by looking in the mirror and finding one good thing you did today: it can be ignoring someone being rude, not responding to gossip, or mean or negative comments.

Before you go to sleep, be thankful; or grateful for life. If that is to hard to do, instead think if you had possibly just died, what would you had wished you had said or done or remembered to do. It can be anything: Pet your cat and let it know you care about it. Send an email and thank a friend for a kindness. Something...That will give you something to be grateful for.

Go to bed. Breathe 5 deep, long breaths of air, as if they were your last. Do it slowly and enjoy how wonderful our air is, and how it is free. You will know several things: You are alive. You are able to stop and rest. You are enjoying the end of the day. You can select a positive thought about tomorrow. You can hope for tomorrow. Those are the good things about the day, no bad thoughts, no negatives. You are still breathing, and someone likes you—could be the cat. Why the cat? Because you took the time to pet him and say something nice. Practice that and use it on people you meet. If that doesn't work and you can't sleep, figure out what is the problem that is keeping you awake. Go to a couch with pillows, kneel by it, put your arms up, and pretend that pillow is the problem. Beat it until you can't lift your arms anymore. Then go back to bed and start over: Breathe 5 deep, long breaths of air... Continue until finished. Repeat as many times as you need until you fall asleep or start laughing at the ridiculousness of this list. Nitey Nite.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Alaska Time is different than others in the USA. We are one hour earlier than Pacific Standard Time

We are on Alaska Standard Time.

Susie’s AlaskaMen is a full color magazine and website that features single men in Alaska, the Lower USA and also from all over the world. Men relate to the image of AlaskaMen as a kind of man, not just a man from Alaska. My website is designed to help you find your perfect match by adding your information and photo in the dating portion to make it easier to contact each other. I am hoping that each of you will find your AlaskaMan whether he is from Alaska, Japan, Scotland, Netherlands, or any other land in the world. Here at AlaskaMen I especially feature the men for women to find easily. The women join to communicate with the men, their photos are only available in the Dating portion of the website. The women are in control over who contacts them.

Like any magazine or website, there is a cost to to purchase the product. Otherwise how would I be able to do my work to help you? MatchMaking is expensive so I created my magazine to make it easier for you to find your match. The website is another avenue to find that man.

It’s easy, and once you sign up to be a member of the Community Contact Center. The products make great presents for birthdays, holidays and friends. The gift card is always well received.

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