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Susie has been bringing You Alaskan Bachelors Since 1987

About Susie Carter
AlaskaMen's Matchmaker and Magazine Publisher

     Susie wasn’t always an editor and a publisher, but she was always a matchmaker. As a child her school friends relied on her help to pass love notes and information to boys and girls who took a liking to each other. Little did she know then that she would eventually become famous for continuing to do the same thing later in life.
     After she was married and her own family grew, she became a foster mother with a big heart who could never turn away another homeless child. She always had a houseful of her own children and up to 10 foster children along with them.  She loved and cared for everyone one of her many foster care charges as if they were her own.
     Work took her family to Alaska and the Alaska Pipeline, and she opened a Day Care Center for pre-schoolers. She soon found she had mostly single fathers bringing their children for her care. Then Susie, started doing what was natural to her, looking for wives for all those single fathers.
     One day she laughingly mentioned that she should make a magazine for those single fathers like they do for used cars, only having “slightly used men, with a lot of tread left on them.” She found that there were lots of men who wanted her help finding wives. The rest is history, her first issue of lonely men launched her into TV shows where she took her men along in hopes of finding wives for them.
     The magazine flourished, but then her own marriage ended. Undaunted by it all, Susie found the best way to make sure her ex-husband was happy, and that was to find him a wife. With his permission, she put him on the cover of her Magazine, and soon he was writing to women all over the world and off the available list.
     Several years later, Pat, her husband to be, came into her office for a business appointment regarding her website. Susie says, “I didn’t believe it was possible, but as soon as I saw him I knew he was the man I had been waiting for all my life. Everyone always asks me if he was in the magazine! And No, he wasn’t! When we met it changed both of our lives. That’s exactly the kind of love that I want to help others find.”
     Now, Susie fills her time interviewing men nominated from around the world to appear in AlaskaMen. She’s always advising men and women and staying quite busy working at her calling as a matchmaker. Through her website she is able to expand her magazine’s reach throughout the world and bring more couples together, even faster. She takes groups of men around the world appearing on TV and radio shows.
     One of her favorite rewards is attending all of the marriages she attends. She has helped bring about many of those, and the romantic mother inside her loves to hear about the new babies. She especially likes to hear from the friends and relatives who nominate their single men for future issues. She listens to them and promises to help their nominee find their soulmate.
     Susie is also now, and has been for some time, a sought-after consultant for TV shows and magazines. Besides writing the magazine and answering calls she is writing a book about her life with AlaskaMen and her own AlaskaMan.



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