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Using Good Sense


How many of you remember your mom telling you to use common sense? I sometimes wondered where the reference book was located in the library for “common sense”.

Since “common sense” seems to be different to all people depending on who they are and where they are, I thought I would spell it out just as if you were my kids.

My “common sense” has been acquired by 64 years of experience.

After twenty years working with men and women with AlaskaMen and prior to that my 28 years working with day care children, foster children, foster teens and my own always  enlightening family I feel qualified to write the book so that I can pass it all on to you.


1.      Do not mail your driver’s license to anyone because it has your photo on it. Trying to obligate someone into writing back to you cause they have to send back the I.D. is not smart. Protect your privacy; we are living in an age of identity theft and all manner of bad people.



2.      Do not lie about any of your information, especially marital status, age, hair, height, profession, being incarcerated, financial and education background. People do get upset when they find out the truth.



3.      Do not use anyone else’s photos for your profile.



4.      Do not post information in your profile or give out that would make you at risk.



5.      Be especially careful of giving anyone any of your personal information. Feeling ready to communicate?

a.      When you feel like you have gotten to know each other well by email, you might want to talk in person. All I can say in order to cover that is not allow your phone to come up in the caller ID. Check with your phone manual on that.

b.      You might want to make sure that callers won’t get through to you unless they unblock the caller I.D. I know this is contradictive, but that is where your own decision factor comes in. Communication is always an unpredictable factor.

c.      Email: be sure you use the double blind email we provide on our site, it protects your privacy. You might want to set up a dedicated separate email rather than your own personal email that you use exclusively for that purpose.



10. You might want to use a PO Box for mailing via the postal system.

11. Don’t send anything you won’t miss if you never get it back.

12. If you feel uneasy about anything, think about it. It might be your inner “common sense” trying to tell you something. You just have to go over everything until you spot what it is. You can always go back and say, I felt great until… that will give you a clue where to start. I usually suggest a list of things I’ve noted that are Ok and Not OK. Most people have a tendency to ignore minor Not Ok things, which is ok unless you find out that they all add up to a Big NO WAY.

13. SEXY? Suggestive or off color messages are better left unsaid, same on dirty jokes. Sexy names and double meaning names: TACKY! People judge you by your handle. Most times it is a turn off not a turn on.

When you Plan to meet

A first meeting with any new love interest can be exciting - and most first meetings are perfectly safe, but it's always smart to take basic precautions. Trust your instincts. And be sure to keep the following guidelines in mind:


2. Keep meetings in a public place, not a private home, remove location or hotel. Coffee houses or restaurants are good. Have some identifying way of picking the person out in the crowd. What color clothing, or even better their photo. If you don’t like the way things look, you can always call from your cell phone and cancel without embarrassing each other.

3. Its ok to tell the date you have a friend meeting you too or that you have another appointment in case it isn’t working out. Be sure to tell a friend, make sure they know when and where, when you will be back and perhaps a prearranged call they call you or you call them. My mother always told me… bring a friend along. If you feel pressured in any way, end the meeting and leave at once. This is not someone who cares about YOU! No matter how much they say they are “taken” with you or love at first site, soul mate or what ever.

4. TAKE YOUR CELL!!! Learn how to set your cell phone on speed dial for either 911 or your emergency number.

5. Stick to soft drinks, coffee, or ice tea. People tend to judge you by what you do on that first casual meeting. Also, it’s easier to make good decisions and keeps you from being vulnerable or  at risk. Remember the old country western song how much “better” someone gets the more you drink.


7. If you need to, stop at the entry and ask the person in charge to delay the person or to call for their security person.  Watch that your are not followed, especially if the parking place is dark or if you feel uneasy. If you are followed to where you parked your car, stop and hail a taxi or go into another public place to use the telephone to phone a friend. The newer cars have emergency buttons on their click opener that will start the lights flashing and horn beeping. You can always come back later with your friend to get your car.

What Next? Ok! You survived all of that and it went good, you want to meet again. Once you have all the safety down it will become routine. Most of these “common sense” ideas are good for every day use in personal and business matters. On any other meetings and on follow up dates if the person is genuine, sincere and truly interested in you, they will want you to feel safe too.


What if? Coming to Alaska or planning to meet elsewhere that is long distance?

Before you plan anything please read over all the items 1-7.

9. Do stay at a credited B&B or hotel. NEVER STAY AT THE OTHER PERSON’S HOME ON YOUR FIRST VISIT.  If you can't afford it, don't go. It’s just not good sense. Don’t tell where you are staying until you are completely certain you feel safe.

10. Arrange to meet at the baggage area, airport restaurant or lobby and then use a taxi or rent a car and go alone to your hotel. It shows that the other person is polite and interested when they want to greet you at the airport and that is great! But they will understand your own self protection that you DO NOT get into a personal vehicle with someone you are meeting for the first time.

11. Listen to what they are saying to you, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."
If they seem to be hiding something put a red flag by that in your mind. Some people are very private or may have had a bad experience themselves, just remember sharing info is part of progression. If they continually answer questions with questions that may be a red flag.

12. We have all seen so many romantic movies that we seem to want to jump into love, please proceed with caution. If it is real love it isn’t going away, it will grow and so will respect with general caution. People also get scared or hold back if someone seems to be going To Fast, To soon.

13. Money, having it or not having it. Beware of someone who is bragging about what they have, or how broke they are. Usually people who brag are people who need to feel important or are not confident of themselves. Previous marriage debts, being laid off or being taken for all their money are indicators. In themselves they are things that happen but someone who has that going on all the time may have that continue on in the future too.


14. If anyone asks you for money, (especially if they are incarcerated), or airline tickets, or to pay bills, or to make donations or to give them your credit card information for any reason, DO NOT DO IT! I SHOULDN’T EVEN HAVE TO SAY THAT!

15. Do not allow anyone to take over your life. Whether you are a man or a woman you need to decide whether you want someone else making all your decisions.

16.   Please help us help you and others. If you know anyone who is or has been:

a.      harassing others, is abusive, is lying about their profile information, or is inappropriate for our website, who is currently married, or is a minor, is an endangerment to others, sending harassing or abusive emails, sending spam, links to other sites or

b.       request for interviews, photo opportunities, invitations to other sites or for modeling, for being in movies or that they want to write a book about them, or

c.      attempts to sell services or products or requests for anything please contact us. This doesn’t mean getting even with your “ex” by sending us condemning emails about them. I understand that revenge and spitefulness feeds Karma, so enough said on that.


IN ENDING…I am sure most of you know all these things, but I feel better just having them there for you to review in your own mind.


 I am sure some of you will come up with your own ideas too. Sometime you might even want to pass this kind of information on to your own children, friends or other loved ones. They might think it is naggy, but that is what we do when we love people, it shows that you care about them.



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