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Before You Write -
Check our

Taken List First!


Check our
Taken List first!



Susie has been bringing You Alaskan Bachelors Since 1987

Susie's Advice on
Writing Letters to the AlaskaMen


Say who you are and what you’re like.

Describe your physical characteristics.

Tell about your background.

Tell about your occupation.

Tell about your interests and hobbies.

Tell what makes you unique.

Tell some specifics, like if you are a smoker or a non-smoker.

If religion is important to you, mention it.

Choose words carefully and be positive.

If you’re planning to visit make sure they know and are OK with it.

If you plan to meet, do so at a public place, like a restaurant or coffee house.

If you use perfume, use a very light touch on the letter. (for women)

Keep writing, even if you don’t get a reply; my creed has always been “You Never Know Unless you Ask”



Don’t write very short or very long letters.

Don’t be afraid to show your humorous side.

Don’t lie about your looks or anything else.

Don’t omit any facts, because people sometimes assume the worst.

Don’t send any money, credit card information or airline tickets

Don’t restrict or make unrealistic demands on someone who hasn’t even met you yet.

Don’t move too fast it scares people or they think you are desperate.

Don’t show up on their doorstep, ring the bell and say, “SURPRISE!!!, I’m yours!”

Don’t call people at work. Work phone calls are a definite taboo unless prearranged. Some men have almost lost jobs because of women researching their number and calling them at work. Please be considerate.

Don’t give up hope if you don’t get an answer. Even with friends and relatives, you don’t get replies all the time.

Don’t ever send anything that you expect to have returned, for your irreplaceable items may never come back to you. We suggest that you make copies of the items you send, and keep the originals and don’t expect your copies to be returned.

Special Suggestions From Susie:

Important! Don’t send letters full of emotional baggage. Everyone has problems, but most people are worried about getting involved with someone who seems like they are always having problems. 

Be sure you think about what you want out of a relationship and what you can bring to the relationship, it’s a two way street.

Do Remember...
Always be careful and use common sense when giving out information, especially when dating or forming relationships. I shouldn’t have to say this because you’re all grown up, but the mother in me never gives up.

                                    With Love, Susie


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