Women Instruction

1. You should be on the HOME page.

2. See how easily you can scroll down and look at what we have for you. Check it out.
What I created is a magazine about single men who want to find wives. I started this 37 years ago. In the Magazine the men have their information, photo, contact name and box # so you can email them free.

3. If you are ready to get your copy of AlaskaMen Magazine and become a member of the website, I have made it easy and fun for you. I have also added some extra gifts to show how much I appreciate that you are interested in my Alaska single men.

4. When you have decided to sign up, go to blue banner under the pictures of the magazine, calendar and poster on the HOME page. There is a white button that says JOIN SUSIE’S ALASKAMEN CLUB. CLICK ON THAT!

5. Just like magic it will show you the sign-up packages for women and men. (Change price to $69. Special Price for celebrating the New Year!

6. You can see what is in the package as a member: AlaskaMen downloadable magazine, with free email to the men. Plus, the gifts I added for you:  The Best of AlaskaMen 2024 Calendar or the Husky Calendar and the Gavin or Cheryl computer wallpaper.

7. Next it will say: Register, it is easy to understand, and it’s there so your sweetheart can find you so make sure you add your age, and add your photo!

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