Please Read our Return and Refund Policy

The men you select cannot be returned or refunded! I shouldn’t have to say this, you are all big girls, but I will say it anyway.

Select men carefully, marriage is a big step. I caution the couples to wait a least a few months, they are so happy to find love they aren’t always taking time to consider anything besides attraction and passion. The advice your mothers passed on to you is good, it was passed on to them from their mothers, and theirs before them. I too am a mother, and a grandmother, and a great grandmother, and so, because of that I tend to treat everyone like they are my own children. The men you see presented-are not perfect, they are men and because of that, it is no surprise that they are a work in process… as we all are. Each one will learn what you don’t like, and what you do like, treat them like your garden. Tend them well, fertilize lightly and they will bloom for you and make you happy. We are all teachable, if cultivated carefully.

I am careful with the men who I select to appear in AlaskaMen. They are nominated to me by their mother’s, their children, their friends, and co-workers. Companies in Alaska feel confident enough in me to nominate their employees. One time an airline nominated 35 of their employees. 

I present Firefighters, Oil Companies, the Railroad, Gold Mines, the Coast Guard, Fisheries, Communities, also  including the individual families that share their wonderful men with me. 

So, in order to be included in AlaskaMen magazine, I consider that a man must be of legal age, single and interested in communicating with single women. 

AlaskaMen and I do not assume any responsibility for investigating the background of any person depicted in the magazine in any form or manner, or for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to health, wealth, emotional makeup or how they treated their mothers. So, any person who chooses to communicate with any person depicted in AlaskaMen magazine or the AlaskaMen Website does so of their own choice, at their own expense, and at their own risk. 

AlaskaMen and I are not responsible for men who do not return communication or who do not return calls, photos, gifts or emails. AlaskaMen and Susie Carter are not responsible for lost sleep, lost money, loss of anything else, or mental or emotional distress resulting from any failure to achieve one’s marital or social expectations. 

AlaskaMen and Susie Carter produce AlaskaMen to enable you to find your sweetheart, soulmate and love. Please behave responsibly to all people, 

I shouldn’t have to say this, as you are all adults. But the Mom in me has to say it…BE GOOD! BE KIND! BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS! Treat others as you would like to be treated, it works.  

P.S. If you bought AlaskaMen by mistake or if you are no longer single or you didn’t find your man, be generous and gift it to a friend…they will thank you for it.


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