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     The best way to know exactly who is taken is by using  the AlaskaMan's First Name and then his Box # (which is unique to each individual).  Keep checking on a regular basis.  
     Always check here before you attempt to contact one of our men.  Hit the refresh button on your browser to make sure you are looking at our latest Taken List.

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Susie Carter

My Goal at AlaskaMen� is to assist people in finding each other through an honest and wholesome means - writing.  We try to maximize this effort through our website
    The AlaskaMen� Taken List is updated whenever we receive verifiable confirmation from the individual AlaskaMan himself. Each one has signed an agreement stating that they will notify us if they are taken. If we aren't contacted and made aware that a particular AlaskaMan is taken we assume that he is not taken. 
    On the other hand, we also remove our guys from the Taken List who suddenly become available, for one reason or another. This happens after they ask to be reinstated as an available AlaskaMan bachelor. So keep checking back here!



Susie's AlaskaMen
Taken List
AlaskaMen Really Works!
List Update Status as of: 1/31/2018
(List also contains taken men from previous issues)

Name Initial Box #
Aaron W 8881
Al S S-039
Antonio G S-1009
Barry C 8618
Ben H 1138
Bob B 8533
Brandon H 5605
Brent V 8827
Brian B 8515
Brian L 2029
Brij P S-022
Bruce J 9230
Bruin B 5600
Buck A 1125
Buzz M 8876
Carl P Z-2525
Carl H 8301
Charles D 8818
Clinton H 2012
Craig W 2550
Curt M 8519
Dan M 8542
Dan Z 5626
Dan R 8226
Danny K DK0969
Danny R 5617
Dave S S-024
Dave W DW-0804
David N 8645
David S 8901
Derek L F-0199
Don H 8621
Don T 8841
Dwain S 8842
Earl T 8870
Ed H 8700
Francis G 8215
Frank C 9215
Fred S 8539
Fred T 8838
Fritz H 2617
Gail W 2516
Gary C 2610
Gary H 1819
Gene K 1196
George J 1160
George T 8848
Gerald G 8697
Gerry M 2030
Greg W 9217
Greyson W 9218
Grover J 5622
Hans B 5601
Houston M 8596
Jack G 8919
Jack H 2602
Jake J S-1130
Jason E


Jason S J-53131
Jeff A 8884
Jeff G 5614
Jeremy E 9901
Jerry G 2031
Jesse V 8758
Jim H 8874
Jim R 8308
Jim T 4001
Jim V S-005
Joe K 8742
John B S-056
John F 8873
John H S-1108
John H 8698
John M 8629
John T S-047
John W JW-1268
Joseph A 8400
Karl H 8729
Karl M 8221
Karl Z 2531
Ken M 8744
Kenny G 0480
Kevin S 0373-KS
Larry B 1129
Larry K 8807
Larry S 8823
Lyle H 8610
Mark J 8243
Mark S 8642
Mark S S-005
Matt H 4009
Mike D 8920
Mike F 4004
Michael H 2529
Michael P 04/81-mp
Mike K 8554
Mitch L 8550
Monte B 8514
Monty M MM0782
Nathaniel K S-1010
Nick S S-0118
Patrick M F-3030
Paul D 4980-LD
Paul H 8713
Paul K 8314
Paul T 2532
Randy M 8509
Randy P 8641
Randy S 8904
Ray M 8926
Ray S 5623
Ric I 8730
Rick B 2548
Rob H 1162
Robb S S-1114
Rob T 2534 
Roger B 8828
Roger D 8355
Ron   RH1266
Ron P 2033
Roy B 8318
Scott A 4012
Scott H 8633
Scott M 8620
Shawn B 1117
Simi M 2025
Steve C 8835
Steve H 5603
Steve M 2032
Steve M 8537
Steve W 8548
Steve W 5625
Terry R 8799
Terry S 8924
Thad H 8520
Tim C 8100
Tom D 8545
Tom J 8561
Tom P 8931
Tony R 8893
Victor F 8589
Vlad P 8891
Wade M 1150
Walt S 8886
Wayne L 8513
Zac M ZM1103



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