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Andrew M.

Andrew is 38 years old, Cover man for AlaskaMen Magazine and a pilot for Alaska Airlines. He says, "I am looking for a partner in life that can be best described as even-keeled, family and goal oriented, yet possessing an innate sense of adventure and a strong desire to build a lasting legacy. Andrew is 5'11" tall with blonde hair and green eyes-as green as the sea he loves sailing on with his saliboat. His 'Win a Date' is open to Alaska or another country.


Logan S.

Logan is 25 years old and 6' tall with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. Former Cover man he now works as a nurse at a hospital in Ohio. Logan says, "My family has set a great example for me. They are loving and not afraid to give out lots of hugs. I am looking forward to having my own family and I definitely want children. I am a Christian, non smoker, but I do occasionally socially drink with family and friends. I hope to find my sweetheart."

Paul T.

Paul is 6'3" tall and is a hardworking man. He owns over 300 acres of land in Alaska and says, "I just want a sweet, kind, good hearted woman. I ache to find that woman who would just love to be in my arms and be affectionate and passionate together. I want someone who wants to have children, who likes the outdoors, fishing, or hiking. I love gardening, cooking together, and someone who doesn't smoke. I know you are out there, please contact me."

Jeff King: Win Alaskan Sled Dog Holiday at Husky Homestead

Jeff King

Jeff has a unique lifestyle, he owns 40 plus sled dogs and my retired dogs come and go freely in the house. He says, "I would love to host a visitor who would love to experience Alaska for the first time. Jeff says, I have so many stories to share about my adventures on the trail and teaching others how to work with the Husky dogs. You will be able to experience racing with a sled dog team, and get to play with the latest Husky puppy litters. Jeff's Husky puppies are bred to be champions. Maybe you will get to have a champion puppy named after you!

Alex B.

About himself Alex says, "I'm a Dog Musher & handler at Husky Homestead. My parents are former dog mushers too, and both are outgoing, fun, adventurous and great food and wine. I don't smoke, I am a good singer and play the fiddle. I race in the Ididarod Race and others around the world. I like ping-pong, cribbage, hiking, and paddling canoes on the rivers. I would want someone who is educated, fun, outgoing, independent and who would love frontier life. I have a college degree in Environmental Studies and work as a wilderness guide environmental education for teens. When I meet my soulmate she will probably be able to talk me into anything." Alex is 6' tall and is 35 years old.

Sean U.

I work as a tour guide and dog handler and dog musher at Husky Homestead. I love music, I sing and play guitar for fun at local get-togethers and events. I have a college degree in Business Administration in Economics and Spanish. I would like someone who takes life in strider and likes animals and the outdoors. Someone who is not afraid to get her hand dirty and pitch in and help when it's needed. I like rock climbing and biking or reading with a dog snuggled up with me. Would be nice to have a girl though instead. I do like getting together with friends, playing music, and laughing around a fire." Sean has Green eyes and dark brown hair.

More Win a Date Men

Gavin W.

Gavin is 6' tall with deep blue eyes and brown hair, he admits he is an outgoing free spirited person who is into enjoys martial arts, with Tae Kwon Do being his favorite. About himself, Gavin says, "I love team sports like soccer, football and badminton. I am a nonsmoker and enjoy being around people. What I dream about is finding a woman who is happy, smart, witty, fun, and independent. When I find her I will know her and she will know me. She will be someone I would love being with and spending fun times and quiet times with. Someone to grow old with, sharing life together ." He works in Hospitality, but he sometimes works as a model, actor or in commercials.

Steve M.

Steve is 6'4" tall and is a former boxer. He works in construction and Real Estate. He keeps in good health by working out and keeping a warm and friendly attitude with people. He has a quick sense of humor and feels that a relaxed approach to life is important in a relationship. He likes classic cars and has a vintage motorcycle. He says, "I love to travel and meet people from all over the world. I have a deep sense of loyalty to family and friends. I believe in being open, honest and trusting. I appreciate a woman who would be beautiful in jeans or in an evening gown. I appreciate smart women who are also witty and funny. I want someone who has strong family values and who is even tempered. His Mom says Steve is a wonderful man for the right girl. Steve is 40 years old.

Tony S.

Tony is a tall 6'3", with blue eyes and silver hair. As a retired college professor, he is hardly retired. On the go, creating and inspiring others with new entrepreneur projects, he has roamed the world from Scotland, Africa and the USA. In business, he formerly ran a chain of jewelry stores, a diamond mine and a gold mine. His latest project is converting empty buildings and malls into Community Youth Centers all over the USA. He is looking for an energetic, independent lady who is intelligent, educated and interested in entrepreneurship and helping others. His mission is to help bring families together and educate teens in self-reliance and finding your goals in life. Tony is 73 years old, and has an upbeat optimistic attitude, and is looking for a compatible partner to share in life and happiness.

Andy H.

Andy is artist, writer, musician. He can play over 5 musical instruments: drums, piano, guitar, along with vocals. As a Tradesman he is a metal worker with HVAC Systems. As a writer he is writing a book series that can be a real "Best of Books Winner" when it is published. He is looking for an energetic, independent lady who isn't afraid to wear muddy boots.He says, "I love dogs, but I also love unusual pets, like lizards, snakes, bats. I come from a very large adopted family and have always been a together type of family with a lot of respect for creative ideas, education, self-reliance and finding your goals in life. Andy is 37 years old and has an upbeat optimistic attitude. He is 5'10" tall and is looking for a loving partner to share in life and happiness. What will she look like? Andy says, "I don't know, when I find her I will know, if she is a writer to that would be awesome." Andy will write a song about you, your very own."

Michael B.

Michael is chef in a restaurant and is 5'11" tall with green eyes. He says, "Loyalty and trust are a big thing to me, I have a quiet nature, I like to think about life near and far around me. I love animals, they always know I am willing to give belly rubs and kind words. I am an old fashioned kind of guy, I like 80's type music and old country music. I like a woman to be real, who isn't mean natured or with a lot of baggage. I am normally out hiking, camping or fishing." Michael is not afraid to be himself, he says he even has a goofy side usually with his close friends. He's not sure what he wants but certainly a partner to share in life and happiness. Michael is 35 years old and will prepare a special dinner for you.

Maxwell W.

Max is a good single father to 3 daughters who he has raised on his own. He hopes to find a woman who would love both him and his girls. Max is 5”10” with curly blond hair and sky blue eyes. He is a positive focused person who is a non smoker and Christian. His professions is as a Journeyman Parts Leader. He is healthy and fit, loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing and mountain biking. I love traveling, and like adventurous people, who are fun to be with and are attractive. He is 46 years old.


Out of Kodiak Alaska. He enjoys kayaking, Camping, hiking, playing and coaching softball. Extras he enjoys: Video work, traveling and finding new things to explore. He is 5'11". Is a non-smoker.

Rob M.

Owns a medical clinic after being in charge of a hospital and previously A former US Marine with skills in emergency response, trauma management he now cares for his community, with his attention on "going the extra mile."

Jim M.

Former cover man, Jim just visits Alaska now As he has relocated to Arizona. He is semi retired and Enjoys hiking, visiting family, and traveling. He is Christian And a non-smoker.



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